When You At The End Of Yourself

Can you remain unmoved in your faith in a world where faith wavers? When darkness overshadows your life.

  • How do you react when your heart is breaking and no one seems to care? When you are left isolated?
  • How do you respond when you are under pressure to compromise? Temptation steals your confidence in God?

Many examples in the Bible show us that to stand. In the face of adverse circumstances. Relying on the power of God. Precipitates divine intervention.

The most renowned example of incredible faith. Was Moses at the Red Sea. He is one of the heroes of all time from the Bible. Why? Because he looked up. To His God. He relied on the great I AM. Moses stood. Knowing God could. The Red Sea in front of him. Pharaoh’s army behind him.

  • How do you think he felt? He had spent forty years in the backside of the desert. As God moulded his heart to HIS. From what we can see there was only one way. Divine intervention.
  • Where are you right now? Is the season of your life full of uncertainty and unexpected circumstances? That has swirled your world into crisis.

Hear God’s voice clearly. In the dark moments He whispers to us to remain firm anchored in His promises. Moses knew God. He had come face to face with God. Again and again. The great I AM. Why would he doubt God now. This speaks volumes of the faith that Moses reflected in his heart. As he turned to the people and spoke. Instructing them to watch their God fight for them. To simply be still.

Moses had seen God’s glory. On the mountain. At the burning bush. He was confident there is no other God. Except his Majestic Almighty I AM. He was well-founded as He stood. Because he knew his God. Understood His character.

  • Can you say with confidence that there is no other God? One who is so Holy. That to bow in His presence. And hide your face in reverence would seem insufficient.
  • Does your heart burn for God first? Before you seek the praise and approval of man? When we know I AM. Not know of but know Him. Is there any obstacle we confront. Where we will doubt His mighty power working on our behalf.

It is absolutely reasonable to feel like you cannot handle stuff because that is the perfect time for God’s strength to hold you in your weakness. Fall face down in His presence. Come up close and personal with the Most High God. Draw close to encounter I AM. Seek to know your God like Moses, so you will trust Him without hesitation. Through the uncertainty. The pain and questions. In the lessons of life He teaches us how to stand.

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