What To Do When You Face Disappointment and Rejection

Have you struggled with disappointment and rejection?

Tough situations. Difficult friendships. Potential hopes that have all been dashed. Maybe you have wrestled with God, asked numerous questions.

  • What can you do when you face disappointing moments and are stalled by rejection?
  • Why do we encounter these times?

Our Christian journey will be one that requires much faith. It’s ok to ask God questions, but these are some suggestions to attempt to recover your way out of this down spiralling circle. Look up and pray for hope to be refreshed in all those dark spaces.

1| God asks you to focus on Him and not on the disappointment and rejection (from another person)

He reminds me that He is the ‘Man of Sorrows’ (Isaiah 53:3);
He bore my transgressions;
He suffered;
He endured rejection, so He knows exactly what I feel.

  • Accept how you feel even if it hurts, being vulnerable means you don’t try to fast track your feelings or push them away.

2| God promises you that you should place your hope in Him and not any person

Have you felt disappointed and disillusioned by something/someone?
Have you faced rejection?
Have you written your own poems of lament to God?

Ultimately, His plan prevails and will probably be better than mine. He reminds me again that ‘the stone that the builders rejected has become the Cornerstone!’ (Psalm 118:22).

  • Sidelining the process could lead to unexpected emotions of pessimism or moodiness or anger if you never address the disappointment or setbacks.

3| God does not want you to see an unanswered prayer as an unfulfilled promise and a way to become disillusioned

He will envelope you with His peace and comfort.
He is more than enough to overcome whatever disappointment and rejection you face or are battling through.

Be assured that you can cast all your cares on Him (Psalm 55:22).

  • Keep moving forward means with time you can overcome any disappointment or rejection, and never allow anything or anyone to label you in a continual journey of personal growth and improvement.


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