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In 2017, the average cost for a wedding in the UK amounted to £30,000. But if you have a limited budget, how can you have a special day. And arrange a wedding for a third of the price?

Here are some tips to help you think about your costs. Match your purse. And enjoy a dream wedding for £10,000.

  • Decide whether you plan to get married in the UK. Or find an exact location abroad.
  • Whether you arrange a UK wedding. Or opt to fly abroad. Select an all-inclusive package.
  • If you intend to have a church wedding. You will need to consider the cost of the ceremony. Flowers and décor. Gospel band. Transport to the reception venue.
  • For the reception. You will need to consider how many guests. What sort of catering. Include overnight accommodation and after wedding breakfast.
  • Once you agree the number of guests. You can work with some numbers. For example if you decide on 50 guests maximum. Then start planning per person.
  • Another great way is an exclusive package. Incorporating ceremony and celebration. Most venues now have open evenings. Or days where you can have a look at the location. Get ideas for themes. Sample menus and visualise your big day.
  • Resolving how much each option will cost you. Assists you in planning every detail. Determine the style of wedding. Your preference. Rustic. Or tradional. Maybe quirky. Bohemian perhaps.
  • Alternatively, hire your own venue. Organise your own catering. Ideas include a cheese and cold meats feast. BBQ. Or wood oven pizza. Include sweet treats and a dessert table. Create your own lighting and décor. Book an amazing band.

Some suggestions from couples who have successfully had a smashing wedding on a small budget include…

  • One couple chose a small registry ceremony. And celebrated with friends on a boat down the river with a picnic and champagne.
  • Another couple wanted both traditional and elegant. So chose a traditional church ceremony. Followed by an elegant reception in a beautiful historical hotel.
  • Saver tips including creative ways like making your bouquet from paper (second hand books). Or taking an online floristry course, and arranging your own flowers. Design a cascading wall of flowers. To the buttonholes and your bouquet.
  • Pinterest has lots of great ideas.

How much would you spend on your big day? Breakdown the costs…

  • Hen & Stag: £500
  • Church & Transport: £1000
  • Wedding Venue, Food & Entertainment £4000
  • Decor & Flowers: £1000
  • Dress & Suit: £1000
  • Rings: £1000
  • Hair, Makeup & Bouquets: £500
  • Flower girl & Page boy Outfits: £500
  • Photography: £250
  • Stationery & Favours: £250

Total: £10,000

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