10 Ways To Develop Creativity

Do you want to have fun and still show your intelligence?

We all have an imagination. Are inventive. Filled with valuable resources. John Mason stated, We were all born originals, don’t die a copy. Why not initiate your journey to becoming creative. This is a skill anyone can learn.

1| Make a decision

To begin. Think of all the ways you can become creative. Focus on something specific. You will find as you start. It will all come flowing. Just tap into your resources.

2|Brace different views

We all see things through a different perspective. We can look at the same thing and interpret it in many diverse ways. That’s ok. That’s why we are all unique. Distinctive.

3| Learn how to laugh

About life. About what goes right. About what goes wrong. About yourself. About everything. Laughter is the best medicine.

4| Alter your thinking

In the way you view things. Begin to have an open mind. Don’t close your mind to one opinion. Or choose only options you have known.

5| Embrace another perspective

Invent an idea. Then think what would someone famous think of it. Adopt another perspective. Create assumptions. If I did this, what if I got that.

6| Be curious

About everything. About anything. Sometimes at the most random times. New ideas spring up. Someone could say something. And give you so much inspiration. To write. Paint. Start a project. Probe. Enquire. Be inquisitive.

7| Surround yourself with inspiration

Broaden your vision. Go places. Meet people. Uncover concepts. Discover the world. Chase creativity. Look for it in everything.

8| Challenge your expectations

If you do what you’ve always done, you will get what you’ve always got. Question your beliefs. Find ways to turn something round into a square. And vice versa.

9| Practice New words

Seek another definition. A new word. To describe the same thing. Keep searching for words. Until you have a list of fresh ideas.

10| Take time out

To rest. To work on something different. To find your flair. To learn brand new hobbies. To master contemporary tasks. Where there are no distractions. Just silence. Ideas flood.

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Don’t know where to start? Practice makes perfect and you only get one chance to be the best version of yourself! Now is the time to invest in being you. Infuse every moment with beauty. Influence every God-given dream into your destiny. And impress your tomorrow with hope and expectancy. Join me on a journey where the sky is the limit. To find an undying passion for living in the centre of God’s will!

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