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Travel and culture opens the doors of your mind and world, to absorb history and encounter new experiences, escaping from the cages of routine life to be fascinated by every day and faraway places.

Discover some of the most beautiful islands on earth

What would your daydreams of the perfect beach holiday comprise of? A cultural encounter or luscious landscapes, perhaps a simple idyllic beach. Today we can travel to top destinations across the world and enjoy some amazing sunshine in addition to an exotic holiday. From stunning views to amazing wildlife, rugged mountains and tropical rain forests, you can find the most incredible beaches to adore. At its best, travel…

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5 Must See City Escapes

Research tells us that the benefits of travelling and exploring improves our health and well being. Most organisations allocate you with a number of weeks where you can plan how to spend your time off work doing the things you love best from relaxing to wandering and rejuvenation. Some of my top destinations in the last year have included South Africa and Germany. And with so many more…

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How To Transition From A Work Mindset To Taking A Retreat

In need of break? With Valentine’s Day just around the corner. Whether you single or not. Why not take a short break. There are many health benefits from taking a vacation no matter how short. That include preventing exhaustion and managing stress. Maybe you thinking of how much you have to do. And how you cannot take time away. There will never be a good time. How do…

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Get Ready For A Weekend Break | 4 Tips

As full as the spirit as the month of May. And as gorgeous as the sun in Midsummer. William Shakespeare With the long weekend ahead. Time to take a break. Or kick-start the holiday season. Whether you thinking of a beach break. Or a city getaway. Here are 4 tips to prepare… 1| Pack your holiday bag Be organised. Load your backpack. Or overnight bag. With some essentials…

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Holiday Destination | Go Wild In New Zealand

With diversity and beauty. Coarse mountains. And rolling greenlands. To spectacular aqua blue ocean. Lakes and rivers. Volcanoes and wildlife. Where do you start? Here are a few ideas. Life is either a daring adventure or nothing. Helen Keller Wellington is filled with vibrant culture. Visit the Te Papa museum for interesting natural history. Art and culture. The food is great. Try the coffee shops. Indulge in a…

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Holiday Destination | Explore In Italy

Pragser Wildsee or Lago di Braies is the most spectacular lake in Italy. Wild beauty. An alpine heaven. Attracting mountain walkers. Hikers. And cyclists. Italy. A cluster of glorious islands in the Mediterranean. With so much to see. This is simply a glance of some top attractions worth visiting. There are lots more to explore. Cala Ganone in Sardinia. Imperious limestone peaks. Sheer cliffs dipping into brilliant blue…

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