7 Top Christian Songs Of Redemptive Love To Celebrate Easter

What are your favourite songs of God’s redemptive love?

Now in Holy Week, the last week of Lent, as Christians we prepare to celebrate Easter. Considering the momentous events that led from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday, here is a brief summary of some of the significant events that occurred as Christ’s took His final steps on earth towards Resurrection Day.

1| Palm Sunday

Christ entered Jerusalem on a donkey. And the people met Him waving and laying palm branches and coats as they celebrated shouting: ‘Hosanna, Blessed is He who comes in the Name of the Lord..’ John 12:13

Raise A Hallelujah, Bethel

2| Temple

The next day Jesus entered the Temple where people had turned the Temple into a market and overturned their tables and drove them out. He declared: ‘My Temple is a House of Prayer, not a den of thieves..’ Matthew 21:13

Freedom, Jesus Culture

3| Servant King

In an act of humility and serving, our Servant King, Jesus washes His disciples feet, then instructed them to do the same to each other. What a calling to serve others with a heart of humility (John 13:16).

Victory Is Yours, Bethel

4| The Last Supper & Gethsemane

The last time Jesus had communion with His disciples and predicted His betrayal by Judas (John 13:21-30).

In the Garden of Gethsemane Jesus prayed on the night He was betrayed. While the disciples slept. Even unto death He faithfully conversed with His father relinquishing His will to that of God: ‘Father, take away this cup from me, yet I want Your will not mine…’ Mark 14:36

As You Find Me, Hillsong United

5| Trial & Crucifixion

We will never know the magnitude of how Christ suffered. A sombre reflection that should not just leave us awestruck of the grace and love that Christ poured at Calvary. Jesus became the sacrificial lamb. The mocking. The suffering. The torture. Christ endured the cross he didn’t deserve because of love so undeserved.

Resurrecting, Elevation Worship

6| Burial

The faithful women who remained at the cross. Not much attention is given to them yet their faithfully stayed until the end of this grueling day. Then the respected Joseph of Arimathea got permission to embalm and bury Jesus in the tomb. As the earth was covered in darkness. Our Christ breathed His last breath. ‘I am the First and Last, the Living One who died, now alive forevermore and hold the keys to death and Hades..’ Revelation 1:18

Ain’t No Grave, Bethel

7| Celebration of Resurrection Day

A sunrise never to be forgotten as the angel rolled the stone and Mary Magdalene met Jesus at the the open tomb. It symbolises the glorious hope we have because of the death and resurrection of Christ. Now bridging the gap between death and sin because of God’s redemptive love! (John 3:16)

Be blessed in the redemptive eternal love of God that spilled at Calvary but brought victory in the empty tomb as you enjoy a hollow Easter egg symbolising that triumph.

Whole Heart, Hillsong

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