4 Tactics To God’s Love

If you know me, you will know I love hearts… I could put them everywhere… But, then you would only know that if you know me.

As God healed my heart, in order to learn His Love, firstly, I had to open my heart to His love… secondly, I had to allow myself to be loved by His love so that I could know Him. This is the best ‘new beginning’ I could get, because His love teaches me [continually] everything that human love cannot.

1| His Love is the only love that is unconditional…

In Song of Songs, Christ’s love is ~

…strong and mighty
…jealous and unyielding
…consuming and overwhelming
…unconditional and selfless
…devoted and trustworthy
…tender and limitless
…gentle and passionate

He will pursue me like no other love!

2| His Love is the only love that sacrifices everything…

In Romans 8, Christ’s love is defined ~

…nothing can separate me from His love
…no trials can remove His love from me
…sorrow cannot take His love away from me

He will make me come alive if I dwell in His presence!

3| His Love is the only love that will love me forever…

In 1 Corinthians 13, we read of Paul’s writing on Christ’s love ~

…no other love is eternal
…and will never change
…because His love gave everything for me
…but expects my all in return.

4| His love is the only love that will be mine forever, because no one can take it away…

It takes time for a heart to heal.
But, Christ did not want me to stay in that place. The only way I could move out of that place was to allow His love to remove my brokenness and vulnerability and fear.
This is a continual process, because daily, I have to submit my will to His and allow His love to overide my fear.
The only way I can completely trust is when I learn to trust Christ first.  Once I make this submission, I find that my vulnerability becomes my identity in Him.
Because then my heart longs to love Him, the way He loves me!

Father, May the fullness of Your love be all I need and want. Because all I have in Your Love is enough for me.

Have you considered the unconditionalness of Christ’s love for you?

How can I love myself, especially when I feel unworthy of His love?

How will I allow Christ’s love to erase my emotional hangups?


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