The Dance Of My Heart

Poetry portrays a rhythm and rhyme that expresses emotions and crafts words more than ordinary prose.I am overjoyed to offer my second poetry book The Dance Of My Heart.

Poetry is not a dying verse or stanza, rather there is a greater importance in the diverse and varying backstory of our lives. That offers a sideways glance into our thoughts and imagination. Hurting Heart is my insight to walk past rejection and breaking, close the door and move towards wholeness.

Poetry bares our vulnerabilities as we escape from the chaos, hectic and unmerciful world we live in. The Dance Of My Heart allows you to embrace the loving heart of God who whispers hope into every facet of your emotional soul. Together both books bridge a path to rebuild and forge hope, the eternal hope, an undying hope. There is more to each poem than just a piece of literary art. It is all about discovering God’s values through life’s meaning. As I scribble there is magic in the metaphor and simplicity is turned into complexity in just a few lines.

Take a stroll with me and be enlightened with some creative arts therapy. Catch a glimpse of what has weighed in my heart and soul. More pertinently understand the everlasting love that will erase any hurting heart. The love of a Kinsman Redeemer that will never let your soul go,

Both books Hurting Heart and The Dance of My Heart are available via Amazon, Apple Books, Barnes and Noble, Scribd and Kobo and up to 20 distributors worldwide.

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