The Best Tips Fashion Influencers Reveal When Travelling To A Beach Destination

With longer days ahead, it’s time to make plans for taking a short or long break to warmer climates. Get excited about finding ways to look great as you wear less and shed the layers.

Do you need some advice on what you should be packing for your break in the sun?

Whether you travel all the time or this is your dream holiday or some great adventure. Here are some tips that top fashion influencers have revealed about how they approach stylish holiday dressing and packing for a much needed getaway. From good beauty products to protect your skin and hair to the most comfortable and beach-ready wardrobe at your seaside escape.

  • Choose a specific theme for your holiday or stick to your own personal style and adjust some outfits to adapt to the warmer temperatures.
  • Be methodical when you pack. If you opt to pack everything, then putting things in pouches can help you find something easily in your bag.
  • The essentials for a beach bag should include a swim suit, high factor sun cream and lip balm with SPF, a beach towel and a great read. Other items that will always be needed are wipes, hair tie, sunglasses and maybe another dress, trousers or shorts just in case.
  • The Greek islands – Paros, Korfu and Kos are a huge a favourite to visit, so add this to your bucket list.
  • Loose flowing trousers to vintage dresses in natural fibre suitable for warm climates and comfortable fashionable sandals will be a great combination for most occasions.
  • Protection is key from the elements, so don’t forget to have a hair spray and skin creams for before and after sun.
  • Being on holiday usually gives your skin a natural glow, so makeup could be kept to a minimal like your favourite lipstick and mascara.
  • Don’t forget the essential chargers and headphones, as although you are on holiday you might need to check in with social media occasionally.
  • Some top beauty buys could include a good skin serum or body oil and leave in hair treatment to help with sun damage.

  • Become beach-ready by toning up now, so head to the gym or do regular exercise or dance classes.
  • Smooth and nourish your skin weeks ahead by using a good body oil.
  • Protect your hair before and after you go into the sun, sea or pool.
  • Before you slip on your summer sandals get your feet in tip-top condition by eliminating dead dry skin with a weekly pedicure finished with a pretty polish (to avoid being the girl with embarrassing feet).
  • And turn into a beach goddess with minimum effort for a maximum great look.

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