The 10 Minute, 10 Step Boost To Better Self-Confidence

Do you believe in your own abilities? When was the last time you trusted your judgement? Gaze in the mirror. Now what do you see?

Step One

Think about who you want to be. Then believe that you can become that person.

Step Two

Whenever you face your fears. You become stronger. Gain more courage. And confidence in yourself.

Step Three

Rejection is something we all are going to have to learn how to deal with. It may not be easy to beat your fears. Unless you challenge yourself to get bold as you get rejected. And find the lesson to learn every single time. If you have a great sense of humour try the 100 Days of Rejection challenge

Step Four

Start beginning to see your own worth. When you do you will attain the confidence to walk away from people and situations who don’t value you.

Step Five

End the comparison cycle today. Research indicates that you will become envious if you continually compare yourself to others. Friends. Family. On social media. You have to measure yourself with how far you have come and all the small things you are accomplishing everyday.

Step Six

Shun yourself from negative people. Only hang around people who are positive and boost your confidence. What is the benefit of mingling with people who put you down?

Step Seven

Build eager enthusiasm framed with optimism. Soon your outlook will begin to change. See actions not obstacles. Find solutions to decrease your problems.

Step Eight

New year and time for a new image. Starting with a constructive perspective. Look good. Then you will feel good. Psychotherapists have shown how positive body language including voice tone, good eye contact and communication between a therapist and their client can encourage effectiveness in therapy.

So start communicating more clearly. Directly and assertively. And you will instantly feel more confident.

Step Nine

Establishing new attitudes takes time. So if you are not successful. Try again. And again. And again. Then keep giving yourself small pep talks. Instead of allowing negative thoughts to over run your mind. Be your own positive life coach and start self-talk To boost your confidence. When you feel say you can’t do this. That is the very moment you should simply go out and start acting like you are filled with confidence.

Step Ten

Start working on your strengths. Before you write your goals. Consider the simple SWOT analysis model. Think of ways in which you can exploit your strengths. Slash your weaknesses. Discover opportunities. And restrain your potential threats.

Bonus Tip

Oh and l almost forgot. Add courage to take you from your goals – where you are – to success. Work hard. Be fearless!

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