Top 10 Christian Christmas Songs

With so many Christmas songs. The focus is on the festivities. And sparkle of the season. Sometimes we can forget that Christmas is the celebration of Christ’s birth.  As we remember the humble beginning. From the stable where the Prince of Peace was born. Listen to inspirational contemporary Christian songs that mark this glorious season. 1|Prince of Heaven, Hillsong 2|The Call Of Christmas, Zach Williams 3|Deck The Halls,…

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4 Inspiring Contemporary Christian Songs

Music has power.  It affects your brain. It is incredibly important in the development of your mind.  And the music that you hear from as early as conception to adulthood impacts our cognitive and emotional development. Music stirs emotions.  And induces moods. There is a divine connection between the music we listen to and our soul. Science has confirmed the numerous connections from art to culture and so…

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Poem – Deep Cries Out To Deep

Do you long to know God deeper? Deep cries out to deep. To know God in a deeper way. To feel His presence. To know His voice. To access His power in every area of your life. God longs to have a powerful and strong bond with us. Learn how you an develop that closeness. This poem is aimed at triggering your longing for God’s greatness. To know…

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How To Make Christ Your Treasure

At ‘Locked In’ this weekend, God confirmed that He desires us to worship Him in ‘spirit and truth’. John 4:24 He wants us to abandon the temporal pleasures of this life for the treasure of worshipping Him and only Him – to have no other gods but Him. Exodus 20:3 He pursues me… His chase is relentless and committed. I love the story of Dagon – the god…

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