2 Reasons To Be Charitable

Most if not all of us have been affected by cancer in some way… You may know someone who has walked this road… or is on the road to recovery… or sadly have lost a loved one… For a great cause, hope you got to enjoy a coffee and cake at the biggest coffee morning and support Macmillan Cancer Support. This reminds me of the ways I can…

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What Is The Paradox Of Our Time?

Have you read the famous paradox of our time? Are we guilty of multipliying our possessions but reducing our values? Loving too seldom and hating too often? What is the paradox of our time? Headline news report catastrophes on a daily basis. Dread grips us as we watch and hear everything around us. A world in chaos… unrest, poverty, extreme weather, ideological divisions… the list is endless. In…

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Is This The Time For Which You Are Called?

Earlier this year, I posted beauty tips based on the character of Esther. The Book of Esther displays the unfolding of a young woman that stood up in her generation and made a significant difference. This weekend I had the privilege to hear Erwin McManus speak live… If you don’t know who is, please check him out here His talk reminded me of one exceptional woman.  Esther inspires me…

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