Preparing To Be A Wife… Soon To Be MRS

Are you failing to prepare for eventualities? Preparation is such a key part of life. We prepare for success. Ahead of a interview so we can stand out. For big opportunities. To live life fully. For love. Or preparing to be a wife. Saying yes to a proposal is the easy part! Thinking about the covenant that you are entering is the important one. In the same way…

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How To Be Committed To A Lifetime Of Love As You Plan ‘I Do’

Did you hear the joke about the couple who when asked by the vicar how committed they were to marriage answered. We half serious about getting married. I am and he isn’t. Do you find it difficult to figure out how to make a commitment? The easy part is falling in love. The challenges arise when you make a choice towards consistency, requiring sacrifices that lead to commitment.…

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Garden Wedding | 3 Venue Themes

Looking for budget friendly ideas? That are convenient. And comfortable? Outline your own design in green spaces. Then fill it. With all the treasures you like. To invent the wedding venue you’ve day dreamed of for a fraction of the price. Coordinate your invitations with your flowers. Place hints on your stationery to your guests. Then use the same for signage from save the date cards to invitations.…

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4 Wedding Themes To Consider

Design. By now you probably have many ideas. Style. The next step is to put them together. Decorations. Create a theme. Turning your big day into one that is exceptional and filled with sensational memories for you and all your family and friends. 1| Christian | Love is ‘Love is’ can be used from the church to the reception 1 Corinthians 13. Add flowers and wedding aisle signs.…

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Where To Begin When Devising Your Wedding Theme

Once upon a time, life had less choice. Simple meant that it was easier to decide how to plan a wedding. Where you were having your ceremony. Where you were having your reception. Now with hundreds of styles and concepts. Ideas and suggestions. Sometimes it can be difficult to decide your perfect fit. Do I like this? Or maybe that. And before you know it. You might be…

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7 Things To Consider Doing Now You Engaged

He popped the question! With such wonderful news. You must be over the moon. So excited to share this with the whole world. Don’t waste another minute. Here are 7 things to consider right now… 1| How do you want to tell your family and friends Before you head to social media. Perhaps you are a more conserved and private person. Begin by telling people you really want…

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