6 Must Read Books For Every Girl Waiting For God’s Soulmate NOT Playmate

Have you heard the saying it is better to be single wishing you were married, than to be married wishing you were single? If you are looking for encouragement because you find yourself single and feel disheartened, then this post is for you. Are you the girl waiting for God’s soulmate, tired of meeting playmates? Guess what, I was that girl too. My anticipated fairytale ended in shattered…

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Waiting For The One |Guest Post

In the month of February, my focus is on healthy relationships God’s way. Through this God has been speaking to me about His awesome, perfect, sincere, steadfast, unfailing love. And teaching me how to extend this love to others [Ephesians 4:2]. Waiting For The One is the full blog post, in additions to a number of other incredible stories of how God can turn your dreams into His…

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2 Reasons Why I Want Christ To Write My Love Story |Guest Post

For Valentine’s Day my focus was on the Perfect Love [1 John 4:9]. And hoping to bring inspiration to many others in what sometimes is a difficult season in life.  2 Reasons Why I Want Christ To Write My Love Story is the full guest blog post that promotes and inspires other writers too at this amazing place Inspirational Christian Blogs

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5 Ways To Find Hope While Waiting For The One | Guest Post

It’s the month of February. With advertisements of Valentine’s Day all around. My focus is on waiting for love. I have guest posted for Elaine at Radical Christian Woman. Please have a look at her delightful blog and read  5 Ways To Find Hope While Waiting For The One

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3 Things To Avoid While Waiting For The One | Guest Post

With St Valentine’s Day soon and perhaps your resolution to find love this year. 3 Things To Avoid While Waiting For The One  is a great starting point and guest blog, if you plan to do things differently. While you are there, have a look at some inspiring posts on her lovely blog Aimee Imbeau.

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What To Do When You Face Disappointment and Rejection

Have you struggled with disappointment and rejection? Tough situations. Difficult friendships. Potential hopes that have all been dashed. Maybe you have wrestled with God, asked numerous questions. What can you do when you face disappointing moments and are stalled by rejection? Why do we encounter these times? Our Christian journey will be one that requires much faith. It’s ok to ask God questions, but these are some suggestions…

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