How to have an edge on being naive and gullible | 4 strengths, no weaknesses

Have you ever been told you are naive? And the first thought that sprung to mind when someone said that – either directly or indirectly was, how dare they think I am naive snd gullible! Were they saying you are ignorant or unsophisticated? Artless or callow? After all perhaps you viewed yourself as knowledgeable and experienced. Maybe intelligent and wise. Sometimes a leery comment can offer an opportunity…

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How To Use Self-Motivation To Stand Out

Do you long for the drive that forces you to do things? The reason you have the inner strength to complete challenging tasks. And never give up, even in the absence of encouragement from others. Look no further. This is all about how you can use self-motivation to stand out from the crowd. ‘And one day she discovered that she was fierce, and strong and full of fire,…

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