Choosing To Become Single Minded To Get To The Next Level

Do you have a clear vision that you know where to stand and what to stand for? Your ability to choose a goal and single-mindedly work on it determines your level of success.~ Anonymous Click To Tweet If you have a dream that isn’t clear, it won’t get you anywhere. How many times have you paused to consider all the things you want to accomplish in your life or contribute towards your…

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Stamp Out Bad Habits And Stop Self-Sabotage

Remember those actions you chose to hamper your goals. The responses you suspended your dreams with? Maybe you were under stress or simply afraid. Definition of Self-Sabotage [The conscious or self-conscious sabotage of oneself] If you always analysing… ‘what if’ this or ‘what if’ that… Using a means of self-defence because of past experiences and beliefs that were imposed… Procrastinating as a way to self-protect from change… Allowing…

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