How To Become Stronger And Buoyant In The Face Of Uneasy And Uncertain Times

Mental Health Awareness Week 2020 is from 18th to 24th May. This year the theme is kindness. Where extraordinary stories have emerged of kindness being expressed in this time of lockdown and isolation. Kindness offers us a time to look at how we can aim to thrive, rather than just survive in any situation. To become stronger and buoyant in the face of uneasy and uncertain times. The…

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6 Doable Ways To Build Resilience

Resilience give you the psychological ability to cope with any crisis. If you learn skills to deal with and handle tough times together with trusting in God you will find that building resilience is easier. Especially when adversity strikes and you have to seek new ways to rebuild or restart your life. The circumstances of loss or change can be debilitating and unavoidable. Search for doable ways to…

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