How To Unlock The Door To Your Day With 3 Keys To Prayer

Have you wondered why your prayers are not being answered? You ask, hoping to receive your answer – expecting joy in return while pondering on God’s word, but still nothing. At times it feels awkward and our attempts seem feeble. But, God longs to hear our hearts cry as we approach Him with all those minute details that weigh us down. Prayer should be the key of the…

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How To Pray For Healing [Physical Health]

Are you unwell or have a close family member ill? Encoutering the predicament of illness or knowing a loved one is, draws us to our knees, where we seek God in prayer. Do you feel alone? Afraid of the future? Uncertain? Are there questions you don’t understand? The bible is filled with many stories of God’s healing, from the Old Testament to the New Testament. We see how…

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Book Promotion: Becoming A Wife, 31 Short Prayers

Prayer is a journey. And such an amazing part of the Christian walk. Additionally, a great chance to improve conversing with God. Everyone likes a prayer book. Because it can help you to focus. Be specific about your prayer request. Where you are in your life right now. Just try it. Give yourself one month. And I can assure you that so much will change. Beginning in your…

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Book Promotion: For My Future Husband, 31 Short Prayers

Dreamed of writing an ebook? Recently I self-published my first ebook. And I am so excited to share this with you! Why write? Why a book of prayers? The purpose of prayer is to develop a dialogue with God. Rather than get answers. It is about getting close to God. Enjoying His presence. And usually by doing this we are changed. Because God refashions our hearts. Perspective. Situation.…

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Preparing To Be A Future Wife | Day 31 Love That Lasts

Day 31 Spend time praying for love that lasts. Read the bible verse… LOVE THAT LASTS ~ Journal your thoughts… Pray ~ personalise this key word and bring your heart before God… Be Still ~ listen to God speaking… #becomingabride

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