3 Best Signposts To Guide You To Positive Change

Is there hope? In a hopeless situation? To the elderly person all alone. To the young person who doesn’t fit in. To the young man or woman faced with devastating news. We spend so much time living with regret. Do you regret the time you have wasted? Or the opportunities you have missed? Perhaps all the mistakes you made and the relationships you destroyed. We choose what attitudes…

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Stamp Out Bad Habits And Stop Self-Sabotage

Remember those actions you chose to hamper your goals. The responses you suspended your dreams with? Maybe you were under stress or simply afraid. Definition of Self-Sabotage [The conscious or self-conscious sabotage of oneself] If you always analysing… ‘what if’ this or ‘what if’ that… Using a means of self-defence because of past experiences and beliefs that were imposed… Procrastinating as a way to self-protect from change… Allowing…

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