What The Book Of Proverbs Says About Planning

Are there days where you require more navigation and guiding?  We plan our day, our meals. Where we want to be in 5 years. Places we long to travel to. Are you spending a lot of time planning? From to-do lists to daily planners. What does the Book of Proverbs say about planning? Proverbs is filled with wise knowledge to live God’s way. These time-tested ancient proverbs hold…

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Why You Should Mind Map | 7 Reasons

Did you know that research confirms mind mapping improves learning and productivity? Mind mapping is a way to organise your thoughts. In a better way. By utilising your creativeness. Advantages are improved memory. In addition to learning quicker, gaining the ability to recall information, becoming more productive and fuelling your creativity. So why should your mind map? It reflects the way your brain stores. And retrieves information. About…

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