The Fastest Way To ‘Don’t Give Up’ Is ‘Go Through’

Have you been through such bad times that you thought you would never smile again? Life is filled with hardships. No matter how tough the situation looks right now, don’t focus on the obstacles or give up. Some things God uses to break us and build us up again. Alongside adverse situations, there will always be those who don’t believe in you. People who say, ‘maybe this wasn’t…

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Top Goal To Achieve Before The End of This Year : Develop Perseverance

With three months to the end of this year. Are there goals you had hoped to achieve? Research tells us that perseverance is the key to success. So, how do you recapture your focus to reach your goals? To find value in what you do. Let’s start with your goal. You have a good plan. There are many temptations to give up. But, consider the most successful sports…

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How To Stick With It When You Feel Like Giving Up

Do you feel like throwing in the towel or holding your hands up in despair? Often we start on our goals and something steps across our day and we find ourselves diverting from our plans. That project in your filing cabinet or plan to have a healthier lifestyle. None of this means we are unreliable or undisciplined, but could be due to number of reasons. We could forget…

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When You At The End Of Yourself

Can you remain unmoved in your faith in a world where faith wavers? When darkness overshadows your life. How do you react when your heart is breaking and no one seems to care? When you are left isolated? How do you respond when you are under pressure to compromise? Temptation steals your confidence in God? Many examples in the Bible show us that to stand. In the face…

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