How To Learn Patience With A Good Attitude

Are you always in a hurry?  Impatience has become a normal part of our lives. We hope everything in life will meet our expectations. Unrealistically, this is impossible most of the time. The current culture we live in conditions us to have a busy schedule. And hurry no matter what we do. Which then turns our minds into racing and shrieking, overthinking every scenario we deal with. The…

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How to wait in the storm and remain patient for the sun to shine again

Are we the generation that cannot wait? Everything seems to be at our fingertips. From instant messages to the promise of speedy solutions. We charge around like we are on a never ending battery. Many times we find that God has a different timetable and one that cannot be rushed. This is often where we lose patience. Because it feels like everything is on hold. Often we can…

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