4 Amazing Beauty Must Haves

Need some easy beauty tips? Is beauty in your daily regime? Look no further, because having a few key pieces makes such a great difference to the way you look everyday… These should be in every makeup bag and here are my favourite must haves. 1| Black Kohl Pencil Want the smoky eye look? A kohl pencil outlines eyes and adds a subtle yet pretty enhancement to your…

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Beauty Secrets | Lip Colours for Summer

  As the warmer weather envelopes us with nature’s beauty… it is the perfect time to focus not only on how pretty we look in the warm sunshine… but our attitudes too… The outward beauty of Esther was intriguing. How can we become a woman like Esther… here is one of her key qualities … humility [showing or having a modest and meek attitude of your importance in…

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Beauty Secrets | Eyes Colours for Summer

It’s summer… the perfect time to focus not only on how pretty we look on a hot summer’s day… but more importantly our character… So I have chosen the book of Esther from the Bible with only 10 chapters to consider… My interest goes beyond her outward beauty an although there are no references to God, but divulging into this enchanting story… these are the timeless virtues, we…

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