Top 5 Christian Songs To Listen To This Valentine’s Day

Have you thought about how you can love others more this Valentine’s day? In friendships and relationships. What we say and do counts. How we love should be more than just a thought. Practicing God’s love in our every day life might not seem easy. But when we centre on God and make a choice to forgive others for the little things that may upset us. We can…

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Best Encouragement If You Find Yourself Waiting To Meet The One

Have you looked back at a time in your life and were wonderfully surprised by what you unearthed? Browsing through past lessons can be as exhilirating as gazing at a long lost family album. Where you discover treasures from a time long gone. And reading old blog posts can have a similiar effect. So I had to share some of what I had written at a time when…

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4 Secrets To Become The Person You Want To Be With Forever

Are you happy with your own company? It’s February! With one extra day this leap year to make an impact – my focal point is on relationships. Firstly because this is the month of love and secondly because I have been reflecting on what I could extract from the past decade. Not because I profess to be a relationship expert, but simply as I acknowledge the importance of…

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Learn How To Grow In Love

Can you believe that we are a few months away from the end of this decade? Where time has fleetingly past us by. As the days draw us in at this season, there we discover an opportunity to not only think about our journey through the last decade, but reflect on how we are developing in many areas of our life. Recently, I have been thinking about love…

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3 Ways To Overcome The Fear Of Falling In Love

Are you afraid of falling in love?Does the thought of commitment make you run a mile? Maybe you have tried falling in love and every relationship ends because you feel you need to move on or it did not seem to feel right. But, deep down you are scared, terrified and no one knows that just the thought of an intimate relationship makes you say goodbye. So how…

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4 Attributes of Christ’s Unrelenting Love

Have you longed to experience the rich, astonishing and unchanging love of Christ? I thought about love and what it truly means in our chaotic, uncertain world. Where little value is placed on love. What has happened to respect?  And trust? So contrary to the attributes of Christ’s unrelenting love. Only after experiencing a heartbreak. Have I learnt my heart can be restored by Christ the Healer. Only…

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