How To Master 7 Crucial Habits Along The Road To Progress

Are you looking for useful tips to build momentum? Have you considered starting a new project? But are not sure where to begin. Like writing a book. Or trying to acquire a healthy lifestyle. Maybe launching your blog. Or starting a new skill. The trick is to get habits that stick. Master 7 crucial habits.. Be patient and figure out a pace that suits you to sustain continuity…

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How can you develop as a leader and be personally effective?

Steps to becoming personally effective as one who leads includes you gaining wisdom. Because before you can lead others you have to lead yourself. But, just how do you do that? It commences with how you think and act. There is a difference between being smart and being wise. And one misconception is that wisdom is only acquired by people who are older and have lived for many…

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Book Promotion: ‘How To Be An Inspirer Who Leads’

How do you gain the ‘inspiring’ quality? Where some people have the outstanding ability to overcome surmountable challenges yet remain inspirational. ‘How To Be An Inspirer Who Leads’ presents a chance for you to self-reflect and motivate your own leading qualities. Leadership involves developing your inner resources conjointly with guiding your team. It becomes all about how you connect with others. Are you different in what you do?…

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7 Leadership Principles From The Man Behind The Wall

Famous as a great leader and manager in the Bible for his responsibility of rebuilding the city walls in 52 days. What can we learn from this striking leader? Bold and persistent were some of his many qualities. As he stated his purpose. In the face of discouragement he persevered and kept up the morale of the men he led in the task they set to accomplish. He endured…

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How To Become A Great Leader

There are many books on how to be a good leader, but what makes a great leader? Sometimes it takes more to stand out from the rest and grasp those cutting edge charactistics that turn you into a great leader Developing these 3 T’s will set you apart from the crowd. 1| Trust Lead by example with a positive and inspiring attitude… be self-motivated and ask questions seeking…

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