10 Quotes To Instantly Brighten Your Day

Are you having a blue Monday? Need some ways to perk up without reaching for another coffee? Try tips like … Learning breathing exercises [Breath. Inhale. Exhale. Repeat]. Or taking a walk. Away from your desk. Pause for a moment to read some positive and uplifting things. Then write yourself a love note, something inspirational or a thoughtful reminder to not stress today. Here are 10 quotes to…

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Think Positive Be Positive

Did you know that attitude is your choice? The power of positive thinking is something you choose. Vital to your attitude. Where you shift your energy from things you are unable to control and create transformation. Why not try it. Worry less. Limit your stress levels. Increase your happiness. Decide to start now.

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Fear The Killer Of Dreams

You don’t believe in yourself… You doubt yourself… You afraid to fail… How many times have you thought this about yourself? o Do you have great ideas? But, due to doubt you have missed opportunities repeatedly. Let go of the negative talk to yourself. You have enough from others. Focus on positivity. Keep being self-motivated even when you don’t feel like it. o Do you have a calling…

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Because You’re Worth It

This Valentine’s. Maybe you single. Or with someone. But feel alone. There is one person who knows your true worth. God gives you value that cannot be monetised. Perhaps you thinking thoughts that are either critical. Or unhelpful. Filled with fear. Find verses to counteract these doubtful words. Speak positivity. Breathe it. You are what you speak. Words have power! I say I’m afraid… God says, ‘Don’t fear,…

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Get Smart With 3 Must See Christian Leadership Podcasts

Do you need a reason to listen to podcasts regularly? Known for his masterclasses in leadership and communication. Paul Scanlon is focused on growing people. Here are 3 must see podcasts. From his library of great motivational resources. To see more visit Paul Scanlon. 1| Step Out Of Unstuck 2| The Agony Of Divine Delay 3| Wisdom for life #becomealeader #succeed #LoveGod #leaders Did you know that starting…

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4 Reasons To Wear A Red Poppy

The Red Poppy is a mark of honour to commemorate the fallen soldier. Remembrance Day marks the ending of World War I (1918) on the 11th day of the 11th month at 11am. Today we remember those who fought and gave up their lives for the freedom of our country. The red poppy continues to symbolise the hope and support we display for those who sacrifice their lives…

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