How To Boost Your Hope Levels And Live An Incredible Life

How are you tolerating this time of strain and stress? Where quarantine and isolation has left many feeling exhausted, struggling and alone. Especially when the pattern of normal life has been broken by this period of uncertainty. Perhaps money has been short, or there have been impacts to your work, from organisations closing to workforces being laid off. Facing all this, how do you boost your hope levels…

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4 Tips To Make Today The Day

Will you give up who you have been for who you might become? Today I will delete two days from my diary… yesterday and tomorrowYesterday was for learning…Tomorrow will be a consequence of what I do today… Today, I will face life with conviction that this day will never return again… that it may be the last opportunity I will have to contribute because there is no guarantee…

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10 Things About Learning Mindfulness As A Christian

Is mindfulness Christian? Is it beneficial or not? These are questions I cannot answer for you… but if being a Christian is a lifestyle then it is about a relationship with a living God not a religion… so you know where your identity lies… This means that reading the bible and knowing what it says is simply not enough… as James 1:22-25 states you have to put into…

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7 Lies To Shun When Feeling Frazzled

Sometimes you have to just step back and notice what you are thinking… to distinguish whether it’s just your thoughts or is it a fact…In recognising this process quickly, we can avoid the problem where the content of our thoughts leads us to have painful emotions or behave in ways we do not want to…This doesn’t mean we don’t have problems or difficulties or struggles… It simply means…

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8 Promises To Hold Onto When You Doubt

Are you that person who allows uncertainty and apprehension to bring doubts or do you choose a different option? Often when God renews our hope, the enemy attacks us by bringing doubt into our mind. We can find ourselves retracting back to questioning God. Will He keep His promise? The answer is if we live by faith and He has already confirmed that He is trustworthy, we have…

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What Is The Song In Your Heart?

When I began my journey of writing. It was a method of conversing with God. When words were too painful to say. And emotions overtook me.  How do you cope with moments of sorrow? What is the song in your heart?Gradually, my trust for the Lover of My Soul increased to the point that I could read the words of Isaiah 54 and say that God was taking…

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