4 Top Tips For The Busy Professional To Avoid Burnout In Difficult Times

Are you having a hard time getting on track and regaining focus with work and life? Burnout is something we might not be able to avoid. Health experts inform us that burnout has close links with chronic work stress. And we should recognise the difference between a busy workload and something more serious. The working world has shifted to more ‘working from home’ and the need to remain…

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8 Health Benefits Of Coffee

Need a perk up? An energy boost? If you like coffee then read on. Research has proved that coffee keeps you focused. Alert. And boosts physical performance. The most consumed drink worldwide. Even considered psychoactive. With approximately 400 billion cups of coffee drunk every year! Much medical research has given us insight into the risks. And benefits too. This post is based on drinking 2-3 cups of quality…

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Everything You Need Is Already Inside You

Do you want to get fit? Running is probably the best cardio workout. And fabulous for your legs! But before you put on your running gear. Take a moment to pick the right shoes. To determine how healthy you are before hand. Jump on the scales. Check your body weight. Then decide where you will be running. The impact of the surface you run on is important in…

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Health Miracle | Get Your Beauty Sleep

Sleep is so important. A third of our lives will be spent asleep. Science helps us to understand how critical sleep is to a better and healthier life. The untapped mystery of how sleep biologically regenerates our brains and body is an enigma. Sleep affects how we function and behave. Initiate 4 habits that can create a good night’s rest. 1| LEARN HOW TO WIND DOWN AT THE…

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Breast Awareness Month

Would you like to join me for a cup of coffee and a chat? Italian Baristo? Or dry roasted Colombian? What is your favourite coffee? October is Breast Awareness Month. Statistics tell us that approximately 5000 people will be diagnosed with Breast Cancer this October. What can you do? Raise awareness. Support someone whose life has been abruptly changed by their diagnosis. Learn the signs and symptoms to look…

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3 Diet Tips For Summer

Esther was a woman who displayed both ~ beauty and character… her stunning beauty caught the eye of everyone and her God fearing character led her to places only God could take her to… not only becoming the Queen in replacement of another… more importantly the KING of Kings chose her to be his representative… and history is still rippling from how she stood out from all the…

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