7 Valuable Apps For Creating Good Habits

Recent studies show that on average this generation spends more than 5 hours a day on their smartphone using apps.  There are thousands of apps. For any situation. These are 7 useful apps l highly recommend. 1| Abide Christian prayerful meditation app to help you at the beginning or end of the day. For focus. To become less stressed. And filled with peace. Our greatest weakness lies in giving…

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5 Benefits That Influence Successful Habits

Science has proven that you are more alert at the beginning of the day. Purposeful actions are easier made at the start of a day. As the day progresses it becomes harder to make decisions. When you establish a routine you can increase your organisational skills by gaining 5 benefits. 1| Prioritise And Manage Time You become a better manager of time by having a daily checklist. By…

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7 Life Hacks To Help You Build New Habits

We already know that forming good habits isn’t easy. So here are 7 simple ploys that will help you in this process. Use these until you can repeat it without prompting. And this becomes an autopilot action. 1| Create A Commitment Plan Be accountable. Plan what you will commit to for the next month. By making a pledge to stick to a new habit for the next month…

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21 Days To Create A New Habit

Does it really take 21 days? Why is that? Research confirms that it takes approximately 3 weeks(maybe longer) for a good habit to be formed.  While a bad habit happens almost instantly. Creating good habits is dependent on you. What you do to change your way of thinking. And what adjustments you plan to implement. How big are these shifts? Spending less time checking social media on your phone…

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Create New Habits Vs Willpower

How many times have you given in when your opposing willpower fades? You start an exercise plan. A daily bible reading plan. Healthier meal plan. But after a while. Contrary to your best laid plans. And motivation to create a new habit. You give in. What is will power? It’s our ability to be self-controlled and overcome temptation in the short term so that we achieve long term…

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How To Create New Habits

It’s time to think about how to form new habits. We have considered all our intentions about maintaining health and wellbeing.  But first we have to want to change our behaviour for the better and create new habits for ourselves. In keeping with the theme of health and wellbeing. This could be getting in the habit of saving money. Or drinking more water. Or reducing your intake of…

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