The Best Tips Fashion Influencers Reveal When Travelling To A Beach Destination

With longer days ahead, it’s time to make plans for taking a short or long break to warmer climates. Get excited about finding ways to look great as you wear less and shed the layers. Do you need some advice on what you should be packing for your break in the sun? Whether you travel all the time or this is your dream holiday or some great adventure.…

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3 Colours Trending This Autumn

The days of fall… Such an imaginative season filled with so many eye-catching picturesque and charming images. Combined with sounds and textures and tones. There are a number of trending colours to wear this autumn. Need some innovation? 1| Red Is the hottest colour right now, the spectrum ranges from intense and bright; strong to scarlet or darker with less intensity of burgundy… Need some individuality? 2| Yellow…

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4 Key Styles This Season

As the autumn days draw us in.  We know summer is over until next year. Time for a season change. And how about with your wardrobe. Following London Fashion Week there are so many ideas and options and styles.  Too many to even consider in one post.  Some too outrageous and perhaps not quite your niche. If you want to know more, check out London Fashion Week news…

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3 Practices That Make A Successful Appearance

As I look at a few more characteristics of Esther obtained from this exquisite book of the Bible this week; I am yet again reminded of her beauty that allured those around her ~ pointing towards the God she revered… Although we know God is not mentioned in this ageless book, yet all the attributes unfold the God she served… Esther presented the qualities of a leader filled…

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