Detours Or Roadblocks : Why Pauses Are A Time For Reflection And Growth

Are you undergoing a season of continuous tests? Remember when you were in school, and in order to move from one level to the next, you had to take tests or undertake assignments. Aimed at assessing your personal growth. Along our journey through life, God places many tests on our road. Whether we are on a straight path, unexpectedly there can be detours, roadblocks and deviations. As God…

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Why Roadblocks In Life Are Not Obstacles But Detours To Another Way

Do you question the purpose of detours? Most days when we jump into our car in the morning, we never think, ‘I might run into a detour today’. We plan our journey and the main goal is arriving at our destination. Whether we know the route by heart or we have to rely on our GPS or satnav. Roadblocks in life may seem like obstacles, but they are…

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