3 Wonders In Frost & Sparkles

Bare branches lightly frosted in the dark December morning… Chilled fog gently enfolding the trees… The frostiness glistened as the sun peaked above the horizon… Erasing the darkness… As I stared through the window and back to the twig Christmas tree glowing vibrantly in the living room. I was reminded of 3 things … 1| Bareness A bare tree is without cover of leaves or flowers… But somehow…

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What Presents Are You Hoping For Under The Tree?

This Christmas time, I have thought of the one thing I wish or want the most. Under the Christmas tree, we all hope to find the present we wish for the most… But, are any of those ‘things’ on our wish list as precious in comparison to that first Christmas gift? It arrived on a starry night long time ago, in Royal David’s city Bethlehem… that The Christ…

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The Awe of Christmas Eve

On the Eve of Christmas… I wonder what you are thinking… Is there something you would like to do? Is there something you are unable to do? Is there a secret wish on your Santa list? Is there a deep desire that perhaps only God might know? I think the season all begins with Christmas… And it starts with Christ… He is the reason we can enjoy the…

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