My Christmas Gift Guide For You

It’s Festive Friday. And 10 days before Christmas! Need any last minute gift ideas? As a quick reference guide. I have added links to all the popular posts. That I have previously published. And each has some gift ideas. Have a look. Enjoy reading. Christmas is not a myth, not a tradition, not a dream. It is a glorious reality.  Billy Graham Beauty Bag Essentials Pamper Foot Treats…

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Grab Your Christmas Jumper Today

Friday is Christmas Jumper Day! Be silly. Slip on a jumper or maybe something similiar. Donate to charity. Look cool with these knits… and not be a ‘baa humbug’. And lastly, check out the link for charity and don’t forget to tweet your pics too… Christmas has lost its meaning for us because we have lost the spirit of expectancy.We cannot prepare for an observance. We must prepare for…

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Is The Nativity A Divine Paradox?

How could something so absurd be true? The Messiah born in a stable? Wrapped in cloths? Laid in a manger? The lowly town of Bethlehem? Because there was no room for Mary and Joseph in the Inn. Ponder over these scriptures that point to the Holy birth. Out of Bethlehem will come forth a ruler, from times of old, from everlasting. [Micah 5:2] God will give you a…

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The Advent-ure In Unwrapping The Wonder Of Christ’s Birth

What is Advent? A season of expectant waiting. And preparation. For the Nativity of Christ. The occasion of the Holy birth. A celebration of Christmas. And vision to remember the baby Jesus that was foretold [Luke 2:1-20]. With hope for His second return. What does Advent mean to you? It is more than a calendar. Or countdown to Christmas. There is a lesson of waiting. Being patient. As…

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Give Joy This Christmas

    There are 6 Fridays before Christmas. Have you started your Christmas gift shopping? Take a moment to consider giving gifts from the heart. Being generous is taking a step beyond yourself. Because you do something that you want to do. Beneficial to another. Reaping limitless benefits. Making you feel better about yourself. And happier too. Though your gift may seem small. The impact will be priceless.…

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How To Plan Your Christmas Gift List

News reports have confirmed that the average person in the UK will spend approximately up to £500 on gifts alone this Christmas. With approximately six and a half weeks until Christmas. And the calendar filling up with events. Why not think about it now. Download my free Christmas Gifts Wish List and Christmas Gifts List Plan to get you organised. Set a budget. Whether you know who to buy for.…

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