How To Disable Your Irritable And Unhappy Addiction This Autumn

Have you run out of inspiration in the changing seasons? Lately, it feels like life has overtaken me a bit. Sometimes with so many things to think about, we often are distracted. The one thing we cannot miss is the changing of the seasons. Where nature subtly reminds us, that it’s October and the days are certainly drawing in. It is not how much we have, but how…

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Fall In Love With Autumn

The wind rustles calmly through the leaves. Fall breathes cool crisp air. What does the season whisper to you? You simply cannot miss the displays of nature. So flamboyant and vivid.  What do you love most about fall? Autumn reflects the change as we transition from one season to another. Bristling leaves floating past the window towards the ground. The excitement of shorter days and drawn in nights. Autumn…

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Hello Autumn! Time To Fall Into Writing

Are you inspired by the sight of natures painted leaves? Change begins. The leaves fall. Colours so brilliant and deep. Textures crispy and crumpled. Floating across the bordered clear blue sky. Fringed in golden sunshine. ‘If you wish to be a writer, write’ Epictetus As the season uncovers. Days of kicking leaves and softening light follows. Enriched with slow radiance. Carried towards us is a calm repose. Gentle reminders…

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