How To Exchange A Judgmental Attitude For An Understanding One

Can you recall a moment in time where the reaction you received wasn’t the response you expected? As Christ visited a Samaritan village, He was not well received. The disciples turned to Him and said, ‘Lord do you want us to command the fire to come down from heaven and consume them just as Elijah did?’  Jesus replied, ‘You do not know what manner of spirit you are…

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How To Exchange A Self-Seeking Attitude For A Kind And Thoughtful One

Society has moved to a level where it tells us our needs matter most. We are unable to consider the needs of others because all we concentrate on is ‘me’. To be popular or chase after fame. To gain the praise of others and be well known. All around us we are bombarded with the seeking of self-obsession. There is a boom in cosmetic surgery, because we are…

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How To Exchange An Undiscerning Attitude For A Perceptive One

Who touched me? I can almost hear those words echoing across the crowd. In so many ways this seemed like a puzzling question for Christ to ask. Many denied touching Jesus. Peter answered, ‘Master there are many people here’. In spite of this, Jesus knew that this wasn’t just any touch. We can’t choose the filters that others choose when they look at us. ~ Anonymous Click To…

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How To Exchange A Fearful Attitude For A Courageous One

How is your faith when the storms of life emerge? Do you have the backbone to withstand them? We all know the story about Jesus and the disciples getting into a boat and crossing the lake of Galilee. It may be you learned this in Sunday school, or is a chapter that you have read many times over. After what seemed like a tiring day, Jesus fell asleep…

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How To Exchange An Impulsive Attitude For A Prudent One

Should we spend time learning, testing and understanding situations? Have you taken time to think about the impact your contribution makes to those around you – in your daily interactions, at home, out shopping or in your place of work? How satisfied would you be of you attainments? We all know Peter in the Bible. Perhaps you have an image of him as you read this. He was…

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How To Exchange A Callous Attitude For A Caring One

Is it true that people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care? This famous quote we have often heard on numerous occasions is attributed to Theodore Roosevelt. But has this made you suspend your thoughts for a moment and consider all the times you acted in a callous manner instead of a caring one? The difference in how you react and how…

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