Sparkle & Shine This Season

The week of Christmas is so busy. Planning. Organising. Doing so many different things.
I love sparkles and shimmery stuff (especially makeup) And what a better excuse than at this festive Christmastime.

It’s the time when we get to experiment. And shine. Like being the perfect hostess. Preparing the perfect roast. Scrummy canapes. Or a decadent desert. Why not look simply stunning.  But try not to get caught up in all the frivolity and forget the real reason of Christmas.

1| Do you just ‘believe’ in the Christ (of Christmas)…  or Do you actually ‘know’ Him?

I have been busy doing lots of ‘stuff’…
I  enjoy ‘dressing up’… think as a ‘girl’ you never get tired of that!  I love putting shimmmery makeup and sparkly jewellry and just looking pretty… but I thought to myself… what if I spent more time mastering getting to know Christ like I do learning how to perfectly apply makeup?

  • I don’t want to just believe in Christ.. as the baby in a manager… I want to know Him!… As the Lion of Judah who is Glorious and All Powerful!
  • To know what He thinks… To hear His voice in everything!
  • To know where He wants me to go and what He wants me to do!

This got me thinking of the next question…  we spend so much time trying to find the perfect gift… for the perfect person… But, what is the perfect gift I can give away this Christmas?  A gift that will considered… important… precious… treasured?

2| What is the ‘perfect’ gift you could give this Christmas? And receive into your heart?

  • Why not give your time this Christmas day….To make someone else smile… To make someone else happy… To give and not expect anything in return… To just put a bit of sparkle in someone’s day…
  •  Instead of focusing on my wish list…  I decided to hand that list to Christ…  In return, I just want to know Him (deep down in my heart… not just knowledge) this Christmas day…
  • I want to feel …and encounter Him in everything I do… To remember His birth… but more than that – know Him as the Christ who will return as glorious Bridegroom to claim His Bride (Book of Revelation)… God Most High.


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