Self-development is a personal journey to achieve and expand your potential. Open doors to wisdom, strength and avenues to unleash your capabilities.

How To Overcome Procrastination And Start That To do List

Are you always putting something off until tomorrow? The one thing we learn is that time is the only thing that will not delay. If you can help it don’t put off something you can do today until the next. Think about change. Be proactive. Set your sights high. Be dynamic. Don’t stop questioning. Be realistic. Begin while others are procrastinating. Work while others are wishing. William Arthur…

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Top Goal To Achieve Before The End of This Year : Develop Perseverance

With three months to the end of this year. Are there goals you had hoped to achieve? Research tells us that perseverance is the key to success. So, how do you recapture your focus to reach your goals? To find value in what you do. Let’s start with your goal. You have a good plan. There are many temptations to give up. But, consider the most successful sports…

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Why You Should Mind Map | 7 Reasons

Did you know that research confirms mind mapping improves learning and productivity? Mind mapping is a way to organise your thoughts. In a better way. By utilising your creativeness. Advantages are improved memory. In addition to learning quicker, gaining the ability to recall information, becoming more productive and fuelling your creativity. So why should your mind map? It reflects the way your brain stores. And retrieves information. About…

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4 Ways To Boost A Positive Attitude

How can you become more positive? In every situation? The long term benefits. Of learning to relax. Using breathing techniques to lower anxiety. And anger. Gives you the chance to think before you react. Make better decisions. With 4 simple steps. Begin this today. 1|Attitude of Gratitude Write down 3 things each day you are grateful for. Start keeping a journal. After 30 days you will have almost…

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5 Steps To Perk Up

What are your least favourite things about a new week? Are there days nothing goes well? Every situation never works out? Is it Monday or everyday? Nothing seems to be progressing. Things don’t seem to get better. Trying choosing 5 steps to perk up. Take these steps and begin to ‘look up’ ~ By building a positive attitude. Step forward by setting goals. Surround yourself with motivation for…

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5 Life Lessons We Learn Too Late

Want to live well? Have better relationships with others? Love in a satisfying and nurturing way? Research studies have shown that if you want to lead a rewarding life. Then you need to become wise. If you are to cultivate relationships of any kind. There are many benefits gained from taking time to nurture strong relationships. With family. Friends. Your spouse. Your children. You have less health problems.…

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10 Ways To Develop Creativity

Do you want to have fun and still show your intelligence? We all have an imagination. Are inventive. Filled with valuable resources. John Mason stated, We were all born originals, don’t die a copy. Why not initiate your journey to becoming creative. This is a skill anyone can learn. 1| Make a decision To begin. Think of all the ways you can become creative. Focus on something specific.…

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5 Lessons To Learn From Starting A Hobby

When someone mentions the word ‘hobby’ what immediately comes to your mind? Hobbies offer new experiences and challenges, allowing us to get to know ourselves and our talents are we explore. Not only can it offer you a break away from your busy life, it could improve your career and be a great stress reliever. In the process you can learn important lessons. What sorts of hobbies could…

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