Self-development is a personal journey to achieve and expand your potential. Open doores to wisdom, strength and unleash your capabilities.

Why Is Letting Go So Hard? 3 Great Steps To Finding Freedom

Have you ever told someone to just let go and move on? Letting go is part of life, but something we all battle with. Simpler said than done, it seems harder to learn how to start over than it does to let go. It can begin with letting things be and learning the lesson. Whether this is in relationships or situations. Unfortunately, to live a fulfilled life, letting…

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3 Speedy Strategies To Enjoy Your Own Company And Beat Loneliness

Have you struggled with lockdown anxiety and loneliness? With more people living alone, social isolation has impacted our lives in numerous ways this year. Current research has indicated that isolation and loneliness can impair our quality of life and well-being. What medical science cannot tell us is why some people are affected more than others. Perhaps you have been doing ok until the seasons changed. The shorter days,…

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10 Free Self-development Audio Learning To Get The Bounce Back Into Your Step

If you could measure your progress 10 years from now – would you be disappointed? This might be a profound question. Lockdowns and isolation from the big world has left us with a deficit in our learning skills. Other priorities have taken over and suddenly we may find ourselves needing to pursue a new professional career or upskill. Personal growth begins with self-awareness. Whether you plan on taking…

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How To Slash Unmet Expectations By Broadening Your Potential

Have you felt like you are constantly on a hamster wheel or spinning plates? Some days it feels like I am scrabbling upward in an endless struggle. Aiming to do well, but subconsciously drawn towards doing the opposite. Take complaining for example, it can be so easy to wake up and think about all the things we could complain about. The weather, the information we see on the…

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How To Rest And Reboot Through Digressions or Deviations

Recently, I have faced a detour in my own life. In all this, I am presented with a time to glimpse God’s faithfulness. To rest and reboot, knowing that God has a plan for any mishap or accident. Whether it feels like a digression or deviation. Digressions or deviations can serve a purpose of removing us from the front page of our hectic lives. In order for God…

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How To Learn Patience With A Good Attitude

Are you always in a hurry?  Impatience has become a normal part of our lives. We hope everything in life will meet our expectations. Unrealistically, this is impossible most of the time. The current culture we live in conditions us to have a busy schedule. And hurry no matter what we do. Which then turns our minds into racing and shrieking, overthinking every scenario we deal with. The…

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