How To Become A Badass Babe With 3 Timeless Secrets

Do you long to be a ‘badass’ babe?

The one who has the power to make real change. You see we all have the potential to be that badass babe. There are many varying definitions in the dictionary. From someone with an extreme attitude to another being completely different. The English dictionary defines ‘badass’ as a tough, uncompromising or intimidating person (noun). One of them is a real badass; the other is pretty friendly with a badass demeanour (adjective).

I will share wth you 3 timeless secrets to become a badass babe. And that has to begin with not worrying about what others think of you. Recognise that it is essential for you to make a self-investment before investing in others. Move towards being the person who stops ‘talking the talk’, but starts ‘walking the walk’ too. To give more than 100% by being strong, talented and unique in every task you tackle.

Do you have a trusted person in your life that you can guarantee will speak the truth out to you?

The story of Esther is such a rich and intriguing book. The introduction to this book outlines Queen Vashti refusing to submit to the King’s request. Because of her choice to say no, she was dethroned as queen. Not much is considered at why or how she could have said no to the King, but what if this was going against her integrity. To parade in front of many of the King’s guests in only her crown. Due to this, she lost her title because she stood up as a badass babe.

Subsequently, following this challenging situation, a national beauty pageant took place. In a time where Esther was Jewish, Mordecai her cousin and guardian suggested she enrol. Out of thousands of women, who I am sure were all beautiful. Esther stood out. She went from nothing (an orphaned girl) to a position of influence (the Queen). Simply because God positioned her there. With Mordecai as her biggest encourager and counsellor.

Have you ever considered that you might have been placed in a position of influence because God doesn’t want you to blend in?

Will you encourage and speak the truth to yourself and others, so that you will grow and develop in the place God has positioned you in? To not conform, nor be neutral, but stand up and not be silent. Why? Because God is calling you to! Mordecai was not afraid to tell Esther what He believed she should do. I believe Esther was a badass babe, yes, she was empowering, energising and enlightening and here is why.

Part of self-development begins with these 3 possibilities for personal growth

1| Be Empowering

There are two aspects to being empowering. Loving what you do, and running in your own lane in life away from comparision. As you remain open to possibility of being better than who you were yesterday. Stick to your plan, despite the reactions of others. Then at the right time take action to empower others.

Esther did not become queen to be silent, she was there ‘for such a time as this’ to save her people. She was called to a greater purpose. But first she spent time with her God, fasting and praying. There she plugged in and downloaded power from on high. Before stepping up to her assignment.

2| Be Energising

Ask youself this question. Is energising all about my time management or is there some level of creating the stamina to endure so that my energy doesn’t spane and I produce results? Personal growth is a continuous and gradual process. So is adjusting our mindset to convince ourselves of the tasks only we can accomplish and need to achieve.

When God calls us, this calling might conflict with our comfort zone. We would rather stay doing comfortable things, than push ourselves and create conflicts, because we need to move away from where we might have become stagnant. After prayer, Esther approached the King, with subtlety she requested a celebration with the King, motioning transition and what we view as God’s favour headed her way. The King was so pleased with Esther that he offered her half of his kingdom. Yet that wasn’t what she wanted. So, she asked for another night of celebration. Then on the second night she voiced her request.

3| Be Enlightening

When you wake up to the dreams that God has given you to become a badass babe. Including those goals you have placed in your bottom tray or allowed to die or tried so hard to forget. Something within you seizes that moment, when you realise that it’s not just about you but about God utilising your skills to help others. Drawn from your painful experiences, your story is now a catalyst to avoid speculation or closing yourself off and be an inspiration to others from your own life journey.

Esther had a choice, she could have stayed silent, remain hidden as a shy Jewish woman, but instead she stood up with courage, she didn’t miss ‘such a time’ as this because she knew this was God’s timeline. So many times, in our own lives we struggle because we chase our own timelines. Instead of relying on God’s timing. Approaching the King must have taken much courage and guts for Esther to place her request before the King.

There will always be people in front of us and behind, but the key is to stay in our lane and run the race God is calling us individually to do. Instead of leaning into fear and worrying about what everyone else is doing and their success. What is so important more than anything, is if you want to become a badass babe that God has called you to be, then you need to develop an intimate relationship with Him, it starts in your private closet where you are praying and seeking God, searching His word and being sustained by his truth.

What’s your stopping point?

Is God calling you to a place of influence as a badass babe and you think, ‘how can God specifically appoint me’? Digger deeper. I cannot confirm your appointed time, but you can by spending time seeking God to download His direct instructions. To ask God to empower you to move forward, embolden you on your onward way and give you courage for the next step. I cannot do that but God definitely and absolutely can.

Part of being a badass babe means you choose to enlist boundaries, You know when to walk away, when you know something isn’t working. And you don’t play the victim because you know where your self-worth is founded. If you know God is calling you, then you shouldn’t be afraid to be held back or keep quiet. Because in the journey of self-improvement, you are acquiring traits every day that empower, energise and enlighten your every step.


Despite not wanting to stand out, hiding her real name and concealing her identity, Esther became the new, much loved queen and badass babe. We already know from historic accounts that she was stunningly beautiful. However, she never let her beauty override her wit to follow her God-inspired calling and save her people. I have found to be enlightening means I must detach myself from everyone to pursue who God has called me to be. When I aim to be energising, giving up is not an option at all. I keep doing and slow down if I  need to get inspiration, educate myself or upskill, but never quit. Stepping towards personal empowerment, I need to recognise how my attitude, drive and hope can impact those around me, because my aim is to remain open to possibilities while trusting the significance God has for me. To grow under pressure, evolve to the next level and not stall at every roadblock or crumble under failure. You too can become a badass babe like Esther. To be obedient to God, friendly to others, savvy to wise counsel, have the faith to believe, insight to utilise humility and courage to take action at the appropriate time.

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Will you choose to want more? To chase personal growth and self-development to be a woman of substance that God is calling you to be – for such a time as now?


Don’t know where to start? Practice makes perfect and you only get one chance to be the best version of yourself! Now is the time to invest in being you. Infuse every moment with beauty. Influence every God-given dream into your destiny. And impress your tomorrow with hope and expectancy. Join me on a journey where the sky is the limit. To find an undying passion for living in the centre of God’s will!

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