How To Rest And Reboot Through Digressions or Deviations

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Ever faced a diversion and didn’t know what to do?

Recently, I have faced a detour in my own life. In all this, I have an opportunity to glimpse God’s faithfulness. To rest and reboot, knowing that God has a plan for any mishap or accident. Whether it feels like a digression or deviation.

Digressions or deviations can serve a purpose of removing us from the front page of our hectic lives. In order for God to take us through a phase of guidance, teaching and strengthening to steer us towards our destiny.

Over the last month I have spent countless hours in the local medical centre to the emergency department. What an interesting and new experience, but there is a plan and with medical expertise and time, my foot will heal within weeks and months. Observing the many different faces that appeared in ED, every situation had a story. And people watching can be fun, when you note behaviours and actions. Working in health services, I have a handle on how things work.

In an atmosphere of trauma and accidents, the reactions and actions of staff are so different. Covid-19 may appear to be something we now have to become accustomed to. However, numerous lives have been affected by lockdowns, social isolation, dealing with sick family and friends, in addition to your own anxieties. Seated in the many waiting rooms from one specialist department to the other, unable to be very mobile, I was able to weigh and ponder over all the new opportunies presented to me in this phase.

Do you find yourself in a season of forced rest? Where you have an opportunity to refresh and reboot?

Most of the medical staff were exceptional and attentive. And made the one or two unhelpful staff look odd. This season has definitely made me realise how people who are living with mobility issues struggle. They may feel helpless and unheard. Because having your independence taken away from you is so disempowering. But right here God is showing me that He is in control and not me. Now that I have my boot, I feel a bit more able to attempt tasks. Even though everything feels like slow motion, as I am so accustomed to living in fast forward most of the time. I think there is some benefit from God overriding our plans to turn our focus to Him.

Circumstances in life can feel like a never-ending battle, where choices conspire against us. I feel like I am in a ‘boot camp’ and am discovering how our lives are in a continous battleground. Where God wants us to live victoriously and not in defeated mode. And He has provided us with the most amazing way to deal with conflict. God wants us to seek His truth John 14:6 and start perceiving everything with God’s viewpoint. We seek to obtain the view of everyone else, but why not seek God’s perspective first. His truth where our knowledge is limited and at times we rely on our emotions rather than the fact of God’s truth.

Maybe your life has gotten too busy and God is simply trying to take you away from the rush so you don’t miss witnessing Him at work in your life.

Especially now when we find ourselves dealing with the new normal and living with Covid-19. Sometimes the pace of our life can drown God out. And He has to grasp our attention so that we are more aware of His presence in our lives. Right there in the ED I was aware of God’s presence and though most of the people rushed around oblivious to knowing God. I could silently sit there and pray for the staff and patients.

Suddenly I realised I had so much to be thankful for. My situation was minor compared to others and there was nothing, right there that was too mundane to thank God for. His goodness surrounds me all the days of my life. What an awesome opportunity to see God at work. As the doctors and medical staff hurried about helping people. Even in my own situation God was guiding me on the everlasting path. Psalm 139:23-24

In that moment you find yourself in, despite the bleakness or stress of your situation. You can feel God’s peace, because He has got you. He knows everything from start to finish.

How do you allow more of God’s presence into every minute of your day?

What was the point of losing patience. Like all the other patients, I had to quietly and patiently wait my turn to be reviewed and examined. So many times we slip up with God because we lose patience.  What if you chose to love God beyond the ‘what‘ you are waiting for?

Honouring God and surrendering to Him in that moment when waiting seems so difficult. It might be a few hours or weeks or perhaps months. But the changing factor is if you shift your attention from your situation and redirect it to trust God. Most times when we look back, God is greater than the ‘what‘ we are waiting for.

More than anything I am learning that timing is everything. You cannot fast track healing. You have to trust the progressive process. If you follow medical advice and do what you should, then time will heal all wounds. In the same way waiting on God means you trust God as He is sharpening your senses, developing your character and pruning your heart. Removing all those selfish impulses. James 4:3

A season to rest and reboot, might mean that God is preparing you, strengthening you. Outlining the onward way and making it clear. The choice to surrender to the way He is doing things may mean it is totally contrary to what you had in mind.

But one promise is guaranteed when you trust God His way is perfect and His timing is never too early or too late, but right on time!

Would you believe me if I told you your digression is actually a positive reboot?

Have you had to restart your computer when you were right in the middle of trying to finish something important? That frustrating feeling of having to stop what you are doing to reboot your computer. Or like me go through intensive physiotherapy to take each step. Can seem like an unnecessary deviation that God has brought into your life, to take you away from everything that you took for granted and bring you to a place of rest and rebooting.

Most of us get annoyed by having to restart something. But God has a purpose behind every plan and if we keep skipping the lesson to discern His leading. He has to get our attention someway. Perhaps like me God is inviting you to reboot your walk with Him. Yes right where you are, in that awkward place and start over. To recognise His presence in your life, but He wants to take you to a deeper level, where you not only recognise Him but respond to Him. A longing to know Him with a passionate desire as you fall in love with Him again and follow His footsteps. And that all begins by taking this time to just be alone with God and nourish your soul.

No one tears a piece of cloth from a new garment and puts it on an old garment; otherwise he will both tear the new, and the piece from the new will not match the old. And no one puts new wine into old wineskins; otherwise the new wine will burst the skins and it will be spilled out, and the skins will be ruined. But new wine must be put into fresh wineskins. Luke 5:36-38

Share your thoughts…

Do you feel like God has pulled you into a pit stop right now? Are you in a season where God has intentionally pressed your reboot button? What is one thing you are learning?

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  1. 29 July 2020 / 2:04 pm

    So true. The Lord knows best and sometimes He slows us down for our best!! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Ava
    29 July 2020 / 7:42 pm

    Thanks for commenting Arrica!

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