2 Questions To Help You Find Your Identity

Have you had to lose yourself to find who you are?

So many women I know distinguish themselves by their status. If they are married or single or maybe too embarrassed to say. Woman of all ages, whether married or single face an identity crisis at some point in their lives. It all comes down to our self-worth. Most times we evolve into being the person we becomes. As a Christian young woman in a world in a quest to find themselves, where to we discard our old self and become someone new? These questions are here to help you find your identity in God, as a princess.

1| How do I define my identity?

Here are some examples – I’m single and I should be married – then I will have an identity…

I’m married so that means I have everything – now I have an identity in my spouse…

Sadly society categorises whether being single or married is more important.

With so much pressure on our character, it is surprising that even Christian women struggle to know where their identity lies. And instead of looking towards God, they look to relationships with others.

2| Where is my identity founded?

We look for things and people and places to fit into.
We turn to work, friendships, relationships, retail therapy, ‘things’ – the list is endless, to find an identity.

But, that is not where our identity should be founded.
It should be rooted in Christ, not possessions or people. People leave, possessions fade away leaving us back to chasing our identity.

We should find completeness in Christ.

My identity does not lie in a title or status because that does not define me.
What makes me whole is Christ – His love, His grace, His forgiveness, His righteousness.

Until you realise that you can only succeed if your identity is founded in Christ, you will not understand His grace.

Whether we are single; widowed; divorced or married – we should reach the point where we feel that Christ totally completes us. Where we gain the capacity to realise that our life purpose in who He says we are and live that out.

We can be honest with ourselves and say…

‘God completes me!  He has my whole heart!’

And will always do whether we become married or stay single.


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