How To Pray When You Feel Overwhelmed

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Lately, have you found praying difficult or easy?

Where do you begin to pray when you feel overwhelmed by confusing and confounding moments. And your anxiety levels inundate your logic. This requires faith. Maybe the struggles of life have pushed you into a corner. Everything might seem foggy, confusing or unsettling.Whether you are new to prayer or not, injecting a boost to how to pray can benefit us all. Imagine for a moment you were one of the 12 disciples. They asked Christ to teach them how to pray. Why did they ask this question? Prayer allows us to be joyful because we have hope. To be patient when trouble comes, and pray at all times (Romans 12:12) But like many of us, perhaps the disciples never fully understood the importance of prayer. Until they were on their own and Christ had left them following His crucifixion, resurrection and ascension. 

Praying when you feel overwhelmed can provide anticipation

The example we have in how Christ prayed was regularly. Early in the morning (Mark 1:35) and late at night (Luke 6:12). Away from the crowds (Matthew 14:23) and teaching through parables. (Luke 18:1)

  • Prayer is a skill to be learned.
  • Prayer is a practice we can get better at.
  • Prayer is a dialogue with God we can improve.
  • Prayer is aimed at developing our heart attitude.

Incorporating prayer continuously before your day begins and into each part of your day will become essential and crucial. Once you realise that it is a dynamic way to communicate with God, in addition to gaining Godly wisdom and finding new ways to approach troubles. Your heart surrenders to God through any hardship across the details of your life change.

  • It encourages us as we begin each day as a fresh page.
  • We can gain focus before we are bombarded with the events of our day.
  • There is a better option – to turn every part over to God before things happen.
  • We can take our schedule to God and pray through every task and plan.

Praying when you feel overwhelmed through confusing moments infuses your day with benefits 

God, I am struggling to get this project/task finished. And feel so overwhelmed with all there is to do. Please infuse me with your peace and wisdom as you guide me through each difficulty…

God, I have some difficult situations and/or people I will communicate with today. Help me to be patient, listen to them and see their views too…

God, today is so busy, with so much travel and unexpectedn occurences, I feel afraid. I need your protection and I know you have promised to protect me from any harm or evil in my comings and goings…

Soon you realise that nothing is too trivial to pray about, and before too long. Praying will become a habit where every part of your day is covered ahead of the event. In addition you will feel more relaxed and happier as your day turns out positively, all due to this – you did not worry about anything, but prayed about everything. (Philippians 4:6)

Praying when you feel overwhelmed ahead of events can eliminate confounding moments

God, I am unsure of the unexpected or what may happen, so I pray for your divine appointments in my travels to and from work…

God, today feels a bit worrying, but I am casting every care unintentional or otherwise on you…

God, what next seems like a question I dare not ask today, however, I know you have this situation because you lead the way and go ahead as I brace every meeting and interaction…

Praying when you feel overwhelmed when you are bewildered makes you comfortable and at ease

The more you gain confidence, to come boldly before God and know His plans for your life. It no longer feels like a chore that you slot into your schedule, but a way of life. Prayer is how you communicate with God in every aspect of your life. It turns the way you view circumstances into vision and hope, as your closer walk draws you to know God’s heart.

  • You become aware of God’s presence with you as you walk through your day.
  • You include God in every part of your plans.
  • You take your problems and celebrations to God first.
  • You share expectations and seek solutions from God, and before you know it, you have created this wonderful dialogue with your Heavenly Father.

When you are upset, tearful, sad or happy; you could read bible verses, pray and spend time in stillness with God experiencing His peace, surrounding love and endless faithfulness. No problems will ever be viewed the same, because you will go first to the One who should be first. There will be no room for lies and tools the enemy uses, to throw us off course from God’s plan in our life. And bring fear, discord or apprehension in your life.

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Need some prayers for specific areas you are tackling right now?

Praying dynamically can increase your productivity and bring peace when you encounter those confusing moments. While you busy with chores or tasks, talk to God as He has hope for every question you confront not matter how confounding. (Romans 5:1-5) In time you can see God’s favour to take care of all your needs.

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What do you do next? Obviously you care about your prayer life. And though confusion and conflict may swirl around us, the vital part is to accept that there are things we may be unable to control. Rather than crumble, let go and be open to new ideas and opportunities. Instead of staring at that closed door for so long, that we don’t realise it may never open again. There are both pros and cons for where we find ourselves. It’s all about releasing the old to God and embracing the newness He has in store. The key is to pray for strength and wisdom as we transition through confusing and confounding moments.

  • Buddy up with a prayer partner and pray together sincerely with God at the centre.
  • Write all those issues that are confusing you and pray over them.
  • Read an inspirational book on prayer to encourage you.

Share your thoughts…

How do you think dynamic prayer can make you stronger and less stressed?


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This post contains affiliate links, which means if you click on any product I may earn a small commission. However, there is no additional cost to you.

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