How To Pray When You Feel Anxious

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Is your world shaped by prayer or shaped by your circumstances?

Anxiety can affect us all. It may be a response to trauma or stress. But if now addressed, can lead to more complex issues. We can spend relentless hours stewing over our worries. Another option, is to bring it in prayer to God’s altar.

1| Take a break from your busy schedule and confide in God about what is bothering you

  •  Do you feel some days that minor things stress you?
  •  Do you panic when it feels like everything in your day is falling apart?
  •  Do you get anxious because it feels like things aren’t going the way you hoped?
  • Do you feel like your daily life is being affected?

2| Learn how to pray through practice

  • Prayer is your own conversation with your Heavenly Father.
  • By making prayer your own personal conversation with God incorporating a summary of  bible  verses relevant to your situation.
  • Ask a friend or loved one to pray for or with you.

3| Open up to God as you would talk with someone you deeply trust

  • Talk through the emotions as if you are speaking with a counsellor.
  • Nothing is too minute or unimportant that you cannot reveal it to God.
  • Once you open your heart to God, you should also have the faith to believe that God will answer your petition.

Dear Father,
Today my circumstances make me feel anxious… filling me with questions of why and when and how… but I know that when I feel most vulnerable, this is the right time to come to You (Philippians 4:6)…  
You say to me ‘be strong… don’t be afraid’… making my weak hands strong and my weak knees steady (Isaiah 35:4)…  I trust in You because you make me strong like a tree planted near streams of water (Jeremiah 17:8)… Your commands are to be strong and courageous not terrified and discouraged (Joshua 1:9)…  
You are with me… every step I take!  Teaching me to not worry but to have faith in You… seeking only You (Luke 12:22-31)… serving only You (Matthew 6:24)… because You are greater than anything I face (1 John 4:4)…  
All my anxieties I leave with You knowing You care for me (1 Peter 1:7)…  My rock I run to when I am overwhelmed (Psalms 61:2)… Your consolation brings me joy (Psalms 94:196)… 
You being by my side erases my fear (Psalms 118:6)… filling me with Your calming peace of heart and mind (John  14:27)… and Your Perfect Love (1 John4:18)…
Love your daughter

Final thoughts…

Does your heavy heart feel lighter? Because you have left all your anxieties with God. Seek the help of trusted Christians for support. Now walk away and repeat the promises as you hold on to His guidance and face all anxiousness.

Photo by Reuben Juarez on Unsplash
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