How To Pray When You Feel Afraid

What are the top things in your life right now that cause you to fear?

Fear can create emotions that are unpleasant, from perceived or actual harm or danger. As a Christian, being in God’s presence has the ability to calm our fears and alter our perspective. Maybe you wondering where to start.

 1| Begin by telling God how you feel

  •  Do you feel alone even though you know God will never leave you?
  •  Do you feel uncertain and find change makes you apprehensive?
  • Do you feel afraid and freeze because you don’t know whats up ahead?

2| Learn how to pray through practice

  • In every situation…
  • And occasion…
  • When nervousness or anxiousness grips you…
  • Personalise your prayers by speaking bible verses aloud into the circumstance you are faced with…

3| Talk to God as you would do to your best friend

Dear Father,

Right now I feel afraid, scared and uncertain…  I know that fear can be overcome if I speak Your Word into my situation… so I come to You… 
When I feel like I am falling apart … Your loving kindness and compassion holds me together…

When my anxious thoughts multiply within me…  You calm my soul and make me smile… (Psalms 94:18-19)

When I feel unsafe… I run to You … for refuge and strength …  because You are always present in my troubles…

I can be still and stop… recognising that You are in total control… (Psalms 46:1,10)

When I feel afraid… I can be confident by holding Your promises… I know You see and know every cry of my heart…  I call out for help and I know that you hear me… (Psalms 56:3, 11)

When  I feel helpless… unsure of what to do next… I look up to You … asking You to quickly come to my rescue… looking to You alone and not the problem (Psalms 141:1,8). I am safe in Your shadow… I trust You and take shelter knowing Your faithfulness forms a shield around me… and Your angels guard me (Psalms 91). Help me not fear bad times or news.. but confidently trust in You… (Psalms 112:7:8).

Love your daughter

Final Thoughts…

In God’s presence, there is no space for you to feel overwhelmed, worried or panic. Because His peace guards your heart and mind. If you feel like there isn’t a way, turn to prayer. Come and experience His steadfast love and unending grace that will banish all your fears.

Photo by Reuben Juarez on Unsplash
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