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Notes To Self

Do you know that gaining an optimistic outlook to your life and the situations you face can reduce the risks of long term health issues and boost longevity? So how do we live and learn when we have encountered the loss of someone we love in our life?


Notes To Self “Always Believe As You Keep Moving Through Loss And Brokenness” is based on my personal views of how to recover and reinvent yourself after the shock of loss sinks in.

Perhaps it is difficult for you to imagine how life could ever be normal again. The answer is life will never be the same.

The one certainty is you will grow. Neuroscience has confirmed that like physical brain injuries. Recovering from emotional loss can take place. By replacing painful memories with new regenerative ones. The challenge is for you to start being the person you want to be. Believe in yourself!

While you find yourself. And as you emotionally heal. The depth of sadness can cloud your vision for a new life. On the contrary, you could accomplish effective and efficient changes. With determination and persistence.

There is no time limit on how you should cope or continue. Simply create your own way. Through, under or alongside the devastation that has shattered your world. As you move into the next phase of your future.

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