Need Some Autumn Wardrobe Tips?

With the nights drawing in. And winter on the way. Cold days approaching. Time to find your style. And some fabulous picks. To leave you looking gorgeous. While keeping warm.

A few things to think about. Incorporating 3 snug styles this season.

Who do you get your inspiration from?

I love the chic. But trendy. Grunge. So edgy look. Any distressed pullover looks great. Or hooded distressed sweatshirt. Very warming.

What is your personal style?

This is simply showing a bit about your personality. Find your inspiration. Follow a certain look. Then make it your own. So that it reflects who you are. Has your individual touch. Snoods are comfy. Soft and snuggly. Or woolly scarves. And they transform any look.

What would be the most favourite piece you love to wear this winter?

I love the chunky platform chelsea boots. Would go to sleep in them if I could. Any platform heeled boots are definitely my favourite choice. And with a demin oversized fall jacket. Or any biker style look. Adds so much flair to any outfit.

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What is your favourite autumn style? Share your tips in the comments.

P.S. Your beauty should come from inside you—the beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit. That beauty will never disappear. It is worth very much to God. [1 Peter 3:4]

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