7 Necessary Habits To Master Along The Road To Progress

Are you looking for useful tips to build momentum?

Have you considered starting a new project? But are not sure where to begin. Like writing a book. Or trying to acquire a healthy lifestyle. Maybe launching your blog. Or starting a new skill. The trick is to get habits that stick. Master 7 crucial habits.. Be patient and figure out a pace that suits you to sustain continuity along the road to progress.

Outlined below are my steps to crucial habits that have enhanced my progress. Through discipline until it becomes automatic. The aim is to assist you to thrive and tackle any project if you master each step.

1| Set a devout deadline

Now that you decided on your project. What should you consider?

  • If something isn’t urgent you are more likely to put it off.
  • If your goal isn’t personal, you unlikely to complete the task.
  • If you don’t have a step by step process you could end up struggling.
  • If cannot find meaning in what you are doing you might not stick to it.

So go get started. Block some time and commit to change.

2| Establish a stringent routine

Do you want to be more productive? Gain more consistency in your day?

Find fun ways to get organised. And be more efficient. Plus manage your time. Consistency is critical if you want to make something stick.

  • Write your goals down.
  • Schedule a routine, allocating time to each task.
  • Follow it one step at a time.
  • Consistency helps for example doing the same task at the same time each day.
  • Have fun filling your diary with tasks for each day.

3| Work on your mindset

Whether you see the glass as half full or half empty will determine how you tackle the ‘oh wells’ of life. From being unhappy or ok to exhilarated and stepping up to success. From being fixed and inflexible to growth by cultivating new ways to propel yourself into unchartered territory.

  • Learn from everything.
  • Overcome by persevering no matter what.
  • Take positive steps by embracing both life lessons and past failure to launch ahead.

What one thing do you want to change? Your attitude, perspective or beliefs? You can choose to change by feeding your mind with positive, healthy, strong, Godly, successful and responsible tools to promote your outlook. Start simple, you cannot achieve everything today, but you have taken that first step.

4 | Develop your skills

Let’s begin by being optimistic. Work on your strengths. In time you will realise weaknesses are insignificant. Because you will have more strong points. Set reminders in your phone and allocate time for developing new skills.

  • Have an enquiring mind.
  • Gain knowledge all the time. In reading from podcasts and videos.
  • Once you have a game plan, be consistent.
  • Believe in your abilities.
  • Progression = Growth.

5| Celebrate small wins

A huge part of making progressive steps towards developing healthy habits, means you have to be patient.

When we exit this lockdown, we will all have a different mindset. Remember the way you see the glass? Half empty or half full.

How have you wisely managed your time in isolation? It may seem like the longest weeks or months, but there is much we can and could achieve in this time.

Some stuff I have been doing amongst writing, blogging and work include mastering ballet pirouettes in the kitchen. Practicing latin cha cha cha in front of the mirror. And learning jazz piano until I don’t get it wrong. Not to mention trying to gain road biking confidence.

I might miss the social aspects like artistic dance skating, but I know I can look back and celebrate the small wins in this period. Of the skills I am developing right now that wil benefit me in the long term.

  • What are you celebrating?
  • As you develop skills and adapt your mindset to the new normal?
  • What cues do you use to execute healthy habits?

6 | Responsibility versus accountability

We are all responsible for tasks, actions, decisions. But not always are we accountable to another person for those choices and actions.

What are your goals? The key to being a great leader is learning how to lead yourself first. Then equipping yourself with what you need to succeed. By having a strategy guide.

If we choose both responsibility and accountability, 

  • You will look in the mirror often to determine how you look and what you could have done better first.
  • You figure out how to take ownership and feel responsible for your own actions.
  • You find an accountability partner, who will help you keep in check with your goals.
  • You resist the urge to self-sabotage. 

Now you think about why your goals are so important to you? And how achieving them will improve your life?

Restructure your environment so you won’t have any negative distractions and temptations that will hinder your progress.

7| Connect and network

We all have something to learn. There is someone who knows more than you. Having a buddy or a mentor that we are accountable to can keep us on track.

  • To broaden your perspective.
  • To illuminate details you might miss.

There are numerous ways to link up and get started. On line platforms Meetups specific to your goal of intent.

Professional network events. Groups and classes. Facebook groups. Think of ways you can help others that will eventually help you.

  • Be charistmatic.
  • Be yourself.
  • Go build genuine personal connections.

When you associate with role models that are champions, you will mirror their habits, create success and achieve remarkable results.

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Understanding how to build good habits is necessary to the road to progress. From health, to happiness and success. Be patient and consistent, as you do things in a sustainable way. And focus on each habit with hard work.

Share your thoughts…

We all are leaders in some way or the other.  From crucial to beneficial  how are you creating good habits to lead yourself and others?

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