Is The Nativity A Divine Paradox?

How could something so absurd be true?

The Messiah born in a stable? Wrapped in cloths? Laid in a manger? The lowly town of Bethlehem? Because there was no room for Mary and Joseph in the Inn.

Ponder over these scriptures that point to the Holy birth.

  • Out of Bethlehem will come forth a ruler, from times of old, from everlasting. [Micah 5:2]
  • God will give you a sign. A virgin will conceive. And give birth to a son. Who she named Immanuel. [Isaiah 7:14]
  • An angel appeared to the Virgin Mary and proclaimed she was highly favoured. Would conceive and give birth to a son of the Most High. Whose kingdom would have no end. [Luke 1:26-33]
  • Whilst in Bethlehem, Mary gave birth to baby Jesus, her first born. Wrapping him snugly. And laying him in a manger. [Luke 2: 6-7]
  • An angel appeared to shepherds in the fields, caring for their sheep at night. As the glory of God shone on them.  Saying do not fear I have brought wonderful, joyous news. That a Saviour is born in David’s city. The sign is He would be snugly wrapped. Lying in a manger. The angels sang in chorus ‘Glory to God and peace on earth’. So the shepherds found Mary and Joseph and the baby King just as it was written. And proclaimed what they saw to all. [Luke 2:8-20]
  • The wise men arrived and searched for the new-born King of the Jews. Because they had followed the star. And had come to worship Him. Falling before the manger, they presented the baby King with gold, frankincense and myrrh. King Herod was greatly troubled. And requested they inform him. But they received a warning in a dream to return to their land through another route. [Matthew 1-12]

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As you gaze at these delightful decorations. Take a moment to contemplate. Is He the Messiah to you? Will you bow in worship to the baby King? Will you look to the Light of the world? That lights up this season.

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