Living your best life is a choice you won’t regret. Be in love with life and design the life you choose by chasing every God-given opportunity to fill every moment with meaning.

What Is The Bottom Line Of Your Story?

Have you ever stopped and wondered why you write? When I first contacted other  writers, speakers, bloggers ~ the one consistent thing they seemed to say was that everyone has a story to tell. That every story is exclusive and individual. Is writing your artwork or a craft that defines you? Only through time and deliberate practice will you master this craftwork of words and artistry of sentences.…

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3 Steps To Find Purpose In Life

Ever felt like you lack direction and purpose? Don’t know where to start? The first step to a life of purpose and find purpose in life can be triggered by asking yourself these 3 questions… 1| How do I have a purposeful life?  It begins with what I do with each day. Be absorbed with every moment. Take time to stop and appreciate the simple things and develop…

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3 Brilliant Ways To Make Christ Your Beacon of Hope

Have you thought about what your beacon of hope is? When I started writing this post, it was the end of autumn 2013. Initially, I had drafted this for the beginning of 2014. So why am I posting it five months later?  Because I think there is no set time for new openings for God to refresh anticipation and faith. Especially if you choose to have faith in…

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