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What The Book Of Proverbs Says About Planning

Do you feel like there are days where you may require more navigation?  We plan our day, our meals. Where we want to be in 5 years. Places we long to travel to. Are you spending a lot of time planning? From to-do lists to daily planners. What does the Book of Proverbs say about planning? Proverbs is filled with wise knowledge to live God’s way. These time-tested…

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How To Survive Uneasy Phases With Positive Choices

Do you feel like there are more challenges and recessions where you are struggling to survive? We are living in a really apprehensive time in history. Every day I speak to people, the common thread in each conversation is echoed. How uncertain life feels; the open ended questions for the future and what next for so many people and their families. When we are constantly trying to survive…

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What The Book Of Proverbs Says To Be Happy

Proverbs is one of those books in the bible that every writer revels in. Because there is so much intuition and wisdom drawn from ancient times. And epigrams that apply to our modern world as much as they did in the time they were written. One of those books where every word is dripping with much sought prudence and foresight. To make better choices. To be happy. Be…

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How To Boost Your Hope Levels And Live An Incredible Life

How are you tolerating this time of strain and stress? Where quarantine and isolation has left many feeling exhausted, struggling and alone. Especially when the pattern of normal life has been broken by this period of uncertainty. Perhaps money has been short, or there have been impacts to your work, from organisations closing to workforces being laid off. Facing all this, how do you boost your hope levels…

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How To Make This Your Happy Year – 3 Tips To Spur An Upbeat Way Of Life

Are you in need of a confidence boost? Where you cultivate happiness in any situation. Particularly, in this current time when we could all find ways to enhance our happiness. So that everyone loves our joy and satisfaction for life. If you are not happy, it might not be that you can’t be happy, but that you might not know what struggles hinder you from obtaining happiness.  Begin…

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How To Choose Cheerful And Radiant With 8 Options In Your Pocket

How are you doing as you move towards developing a better version of yourself? May is here and we are marching into this year and decade. Most of our daily lives have been disrupted by a global pandemic that has gripped the world with fear. It may be you began 2020 with a new year’s resolution or a commitment to walk into a new phase of you life aiming…

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